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Club Information

Dayton Futbol Academy U7 - U19 Club Mission

The Dayton Futbol Academy  U7 - U19 Club mission is to offer the best facilities, coaching and playing environment for all players.


Player development; improve each and every player on the principles of play. Creating the right environment that provides elements essential for a well-rounded player is a major goal at Dayton Futbol Academy. The development of a soccer player is a process in which players progress gradually from a simple to more complex involvement in the game. It’s a long term process that focuses on the holistic approach of the player. Players should always compete at a level that is both challenging and demanding in order to foster improvement.

Why Dayton Futbol Academy

Dayton Futbol Academy provides a consistent and competitive training environment that is demanding, challenging, motivating, enjoyable and realistic to the game.  Quality training to help guide, direct and assist players through their youth years from coaches who have a comprehensive understanding of the game and how to teach it.  Ideal game environment that is age/ability appropriate against teams that will push the players to their maximum capabilities. Fees that are fair and affordable and a financial aid program for families in need.

Academy Club Levels


The Highest level is DFA Elite, The Second level is Premier.

Elite Level Teams

(U13 through U17 Boys and Girls)

Dayton Futbol Academy is committed to soccer perfection and is dedicated to achieving the highest goals in State and National Soccer Programs.

Our track record of success is seen through Professional class facilities, professional coaching and through player/team achievements. The Elite level teams take pride in their achievements at State and Regional competitions. Coaches focus on training and educating players to reach their full potential on and off the field. Whether it is to become an international talent, a regional or state winner or a player who wants to be the absolute best, the Elite level fosters the next step of soccer development.

LEAGUES: Buckeye Premier League, Ohio South State League, Great Lakes Conference of the USYS National League


CUP EVENTS: The Elite level teams may be competing in a USYS State, Regional and National, Cup Event (State Cup, Presidents Cup)

Premier Level Teams

(U13  through U17 Boys and Girls)

Dayton Futbol Academy (Premier Level) players will have the opportunity to compete and look to advance themselves to the Elite level through individual play (players having the opportunity to move up). The Premier level teams will compete in leagues that require less travel and focus on player development while helping players who may not be as committed as an elite player. These Premier players may want to pursue making their school teams.

Our Premier level teams consist of a diversified group of players; each player having a different need but all looking to improve their overall development with a less demanding schedule. Our focus will be to continue to improve all technical aspects of the game and gradually understand how to use those skills in pressure situations through training and games.

LEAGUES: Buckeye Premier Elite and Upper Premier Divisions

TOURNAMENTS: 4 Tournaments
CUP EVENTS: The Premier level teams may be competing in a USYS Cup Event (Governor's Cup, Presidents Cup)

U18-U19 Premier and Elite Teams

(U18 through U19 Boys and Girls)

LEAGUES: Buckeye Premier Select through State Divisions

TOURNAMENTS: 3 Tournaments


Community Club Levels

U7-U12: The Highest level is DFA Gold, The Second level is DFA Black.

DFA Community Clubs: We have three community based clubs in Troy, Tipp City and Northmont. These Community Clubs will tryout and practice in their respective cities. At U13, the Community Clubs will join the Academy program.

Academy Club Levels

U13 - U14
Dayton Futbol Academy: The players are introduced to the 11v11 format.  Technical skills are honed and players are developed into a more physical style of play on the larger field.

The development process continues, the style of play becomes more fluent and players are learning functionally how to play positions while improving speed of thought and speed of play. Players are becoming physically and emotionally stronger.

U16 - U19

Players are technically, tactically, physically and emotionally stronger Competing and striving to win league games, events, and cup games, players are ready to showcase their knowledge and understanding of the game. These players attend the higher  level events and are more closely watched and recruited for college and professional programs with the possibility of one day being considered for a professional level.

Payment Policies

REGISTRATION: Upon team acceptance a deposit of $200 will be required in June to secure a place on your team  The balance due will be divided into three equal payments, September 1st, November 15th, March 1st.

Academy Fees include all tournaments, showcases and cups, winter indoor training, club trainers, league and referee fees.

U8-U10 - $800 / yr ($200 > $200 > $200 > $200)
U11-U12 - $1100 / yr ($200 > $300 > $300 > $300)
U13-U14 - $1250 / yr ($200 > $350 > $350 > $350)
U15-U17 - $1445 / yr ($200 > $415 > $415 > $415)
U18-U19 - $1010 / yr ($200 > $270 > $270 > $270)
$200 deposit (3 equal payments, Aug, Nov, Mar)

Fees do not include the Uniform Kit.  Standard Uniform Kit to be ordered and paid for separately by players / parents.

Fees do not include any extra events a team may consider beyond the included Tournaments / Showcases / Cups.

(Any additional events must be approved by the Academy Director)

Return Fees:

A fee of $35 will be added to your account for any credit card payment declined or returned check.

Refund Policy:

If a player decides to quit: Payment must be made in full per the payment structure. No refunds will be given due to the comprehensive nature of the program. If a player is injured: If the injury is short term (3 months or less), no REFUND will be provided. If the injury is long term (more than 3 months) medical proof must be provided and a meeting will be held to determine a possible credit for those who paid in full.

Other circumstances: A meeting will be held to determine a possible credit.

Financial Assistance Program:

This program will provide financial support to players who may need such assistance in order to play. For Financial Aid consideration,

Contact Kris Stout for the financial aid instructions and application.



Club Administration:

DFA Director

Brian Buschur
[email protected]

Accounting (Billing / Player Fees / Financial Aid):

Kris Stout

Administrator (Player Registration / League Registration):
Travis Besecker

Club Directors

Academy Club Co-Director

Patrick Canavan

Community Club Co-Director
Randy Walters

Academy Training Director

Latif Affini

Academy Goalkeeping Director

Jack Snider

DFA Troy Director
Josh Duncan
[email protected]

DFA Tipp City Director
Jay Peterson
[email protected]

DFA Northmont Director
Brian Buschur
[email protected]

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