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Wright & Schulte 5-a-Side Holiday Classic Rules


NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Each team will have 5 players on the field; one will be a designated goalkeeper. Not more than 8 players on a team.

EQUIPMENT: Shin guards are required. Rubber soled “Soccer Cleats or flats” will be allowed to be worn.

Goalkeepers - All distribution must be rolling, throwing, or ball on the floor (NO PUNTING).

On Restarts from Goalkeeper, ball cannot be thrown over the halfway line.

Futsal Balls will be used for games.  Provided by Dayton Futbol Academy.

No slide tackling.

All plays on the ball must be “purposed” soccer movements.

GAME LENGTHS will run 2 periods of 20 minutes.  5 minute half time.

TOURNAMENT STANDINGS will be based on following point system:
WIN = 6 points
DRAW = 3 points
LOSS = 0 points

Away team will be required to change in event of jerseys being the same color.

Substitutions can occur on any stoppage of play.

All red cards will result in a minimum 1 game suspension.

The tournament director has the right to extend any further disciplinary action should he see fit.

The tournament director’s decisions are final.

Any game starting more than 10 minutes late will result in a forfeit resulting in a 2-0 victory for the on-time team. Referee’s make the final decision.

All restarts, goal kicks, corner kicks, free-kicks (direct or indirect) will require 4 yards of space granted by the defending team. Penalty Kicks are taken from the “pk line” and are defended by only the Goalkeeper.

All tackling must be “clean” without contact. Body checking, shoulder charging, follow through on tackles is not permitted in 5-a-side.

All rosters will be frozen one week before the Tournament.

Referee’s discretion and judgement will be used to insure flowing gameplay. Any situations not called for by these rules will be administrated by the referee in the course of gameplay and referee’s decisions and discernment is final.
All RESULTS are final.

Tournament Director Latif Affini
[email protected]

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